What is uBlock?


uBlock is a completely free, open-source ad blocking extension designed to provide a distraction free internet. 

With our software, users can not only get rid of obnoxious advertisements (yes, even the ones that interrupt your YouTube videos), but also decide what they want to see or block on webpages. UBlock puts you in full command of your online experience! We also help protect against forms of malware, speed up the browsing, and give users control over their privacy, blocking tools used by tech companies to track people`s online activities.

uBlock takes the "set and forget" approach, making it the perfect tool for non-techy savvy users. It starts working as soon as you install it and requires little to no further customization. You can pause uBlock, allow ads to appear temporarily or disable it completely on specific websites. If, however, you do want to take it a step further, you can click here to learn more about our other more customizable product.

uBlock is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.



uBlock is a product in its own and in no way affiliated with UBlock Origin.

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