Google's Manifest V3: What it is and what it means for uBlock Users


What is Google's Manifest V3?

A manifest file defines the configuration and features of a browser extension. It provides the browser information like the extension's version number and the permissions that are needed for it to run. Currently, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are migrating from Manifest V2 (version 2) to Manifest V3 (version 3). This evolution of the browser ecosystem will change how all browser extensions work. Our goal is to navigate all of these changes so that you can continue to block ads with uBlock and enjoy a better browsing experience.
Rest assured, uBlock will continue to function on the Manifest V3 platform!

What Manifest V3 Means for You

That said, our team has had to make some changes to the uBlock extension in order to comply with the new requirements of Manifest V3. These changes are detailed below.

Allow List Limits
With Manifest V3, uBlock is required to limit how many websites our users are able to add to their allow lists. Going forward, you'll only be able to add up to 5,000 websites to your allow lists. 
Ad Blocking Quality
Currently, our filter lists are updated automatically—often on a daily basis. So if you see an ad that has managed to get around the ad blocking filter, it’s typically taken care of right away because of these updates. Moving forward, we’ll no longer be able to enable automatic daily updates to filter lists. Instead, our developers will be frequently releasing new versions of the extension to address any ads that are circumventing our filters and still showing to users. Our goal is to ensure most users won’t notice a difference, as we plan to increase how much we release the extension to keep up with changing ads and filter lists.
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